Social Media Marketing -SMM

Social Media Marketing -SMM


Social Media Marketing -SMM-Lagos Nigeria

Social media marketing is a process of getting attention and building a massive traffic through social media platforms.Some of thr social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, Pinterest, youtube, Twitters,Nextdoor, Houzz and many more.
Social media offers companies, businesses and brands the great potentials to reach their prospects, potential customers easily. Social media marketing improves Search engine optimization(SEO) by building natural or organic links,drives traffic to your website.
Social media marketing have the potential to specifically target audience that you desired to reach and the budget is always low if properly managed.
At Diamond Media & I.T Solutions, our team of social media specialists strive tirelessly to determine which social media platforms that produces lowest cost per lead and highest returns on investment. We strive to understand your business, services, products and competitors. And effectively market your company to gain visibilty on social media platforms and on the web.

Social Media Marketing -SMM-Lagos Nigeria.

Social Media Marketing -SMM-Lagos Nigeria Services We Offer: 


We will search for your competotors currently performing better than your company in audience engagement and size, analyse the contents that perform great in your industry and create a sustainable and successfull social marketing strategy that is suitable for your business goals.

Creation of Social Media Profile

We will create social media profile in different social media platforms which will be use to share and promote your business and web content to the right audience.

Customer Engagement and Campaign Monitoring

We will generate traffic to your page by engaging more users converstions around your content with comments, likes and shares. We will also monitor your social media campaigns closely. This will help observe what content that is pulling more engagement and implementing tactics accordingly.

Posting and scheduling regular posts, monitoring engagement and interaction.


Creation of data-driven Paid Social Campaigns:

We will create a custom audiences to target your company and brand promotion.Creating high performing social ads,split-testing all advert.
Reporting and improving paid social adverts.


Website intergration with social media platform:


We will install social media widgets on your website. Also addd social media buttons ‘Share on Facebook or ‘Pin This on instagram and many more.



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In Facebook advertising campaigns, Audience based on interests, demography and geography could easily be targeted. You can also determine the ammount to be paid based on per click and per 1000 impressions. Facebook advert allows both text, photo and video to be displayed. If you want to advertise where your potential customers are spending much time, Then Facebook is the ideal place for you.



Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, you could also target your audience based on interest, demogrphics and geography, the ammount you wish to pay can be determined by you either by per click or per 1000 impression. Instagram marketing is very import for any business with visual products and services.



Youtube channel is the second largest search engine and largest video ad channel. In Youtube ad, you can target your advert on the audience you wish to see your advert.



LinkedIn platform allows you to engage with more busines-to-business(B2B) customers. Most LinkedIn members drive business decisions and have the highest buying power than other social media platforms. There are two payment options in LinkedIn: Ads-cost per click and per 1000 impressions.



Twitter platform gives you the choice to choose the objectives of your campaign, including tweet engagement-retweets, favourites,replies, Twitter only charges you when your specified actions occur. Also Twitter allows a maximum daily budgets and maximum cost per action.





Social Media Analytics And Reporting

We provide a custom social media analytics to clients with valuable insights into the communities around their brand. From overall community demographics to engagement reports that show how successful specific campaigns are running, our report and analysis help business owners to specifically target their marketing message.


Brand Monitoring


To keep track of what people are saying about your brand positively or negatively through site review and social network. We offer you the best tool to continually monitor the web for any new mentions of your company or brand on blogs, site review or social network.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is one of the vital marketing strategies you can use. Your search engine ranking could be affected negatively if you recieve tons of negative comments and reviews. We will actively engage your customers comments and reviews. This will give your business the chance to stay ahead of the news and control how your brand or company is perceived.


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Social Media Marketing -SMM-Lagos Nigeria